Best comics in 2022

With the year almost ending, i wanted to create a thread for best comics in 2022.
Some of my favorites are:

Saga - coming back
Once and future
Deadly Class


Avengers Forever
Dark Ride

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Human Target
Moon Knight

More as I think about it…


Continuing and staying strong…

That Texas Blood

Also… Batman One Bad Day the Riddler #1

Those stand out to me off top of head. There are others, I’ll add as I think about them from what hasn’t been mentioned already.


Shit!..we’re supposed to read these???


I agree with Nightwing being strong!

Zdarsky’s Batman is only 5 or 6 issues deep but it is MUST READ!

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty has been a great read that adds some really cool history to the Cap mythos.

Dark Knights of Steel and and DCeased by Tom Taylor have been good, I am especially digging DCeased (admittedly I am more invested in that universe.)

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I’m still Catching up on previous years…don’t think I actually read a 2022 comic yet, lol.

I’ve been picking up the issues but was waiting for the arc to end before reading given all the hype. It may be the only 2022 book I read…

The hype is around the read TBH. The call backs to Tower of Babel and R.I.P. are awesome and really add to that mythos.

Failsafe could end up being a mainstay but his work on the title is kick ass! The Failsafe arc just ended with issue 1030.

I’ll second Batman One Bad Day The Riddler. That was the best read of the year for me.

A few others I’ve really liked

  • Murphyverse Batman stuff
  • SIKTC continues to be strong, although slower than I want it to be
  • Killadelphia is good, but it’s take a while to get there, too
  • Swamp Thing was good

Brand new:

  • Behold Behemoth is brand new and confusing, but intriguing
  • The new Miles Morales volume is only 1 issue deep, but I thought it was one of the better Marvel books I’ve read in a while. Fantastic art.
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8 billion genies also a pleasant surprise. read.


Once and Future
Poison Ivy
Animal Castle

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