Best spec from last year

So my kids birthday is coming up and the community had been great with some suggestions in previous years.

What’s your favourite long term spec from the last year or so?

Thanks Im advance for the ideas

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Folks are still going nuts for Spider-Boy. That’s pretty recent tho.

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Tosin came out in January 2022. So that should have been last years spec.

This year seems to be the year of the Spider-Boy.


For me, the way the question is posed… it’s from the date he posted dating back a year. So perhaps from May 2022 to May 2023…

Then let’s throw some ASM 14 in the mix. 1st Hallows Eve. Can be had in 9.8s pretty cheap.


Thanks some good options from all. Agent poyo what’s your fav?

I’ll have to think about it and circle back around…

I heard Poyo really likes this “Duel” comic that came out last year. :grin:

I enjoyed Eight Billion Genies, and it’s been picked up by Amazon.


This one, :100: for sure is on my list from last year. Just a great read. Great reads and stories are also important to speculation, not just first appearances.


long term i like spintress 1st app


Imo the best spec would be something that no one knows about yet and will play out in the future. You can go out and buy Spiderboy, Eight Billion Genies and Tosin but those books have already popped. For me, I like to buy things when they’re cheap and then sell them when they pop.

It’s best to keep up with the news here and see what characters Marvel/DC are pushing. If I see new characters keep appearing in new series all the time and you can get their first appearance for cheap then I will pick them up. Been picking up a lot of Spintress’ first appearance, got a bunch of them for $1. Hallow’s Eve is another one to pay attention to. Stuff like that, that has potential and Marvel keeps pushing. These are long term holds. If one of them show up on screen and then pop like Silk, then it’s time to sell when you’re sitting on a bunch of them that you have gotten them for cheap. You don’t need all of them to hit, just one.


I guess I would be looking at Lyra Bloodstone and Brielle (Bloodline) as potential candidates then.

A couple more Indies I like are Hell to Pay and the Supermassive/Radiant Black universe.

If I am looking at covers with long term potential, I absolutely love this one and think it has long term staying power:

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You know I was just thinking about that Joker cover today. I had picked up a copy on FOC for my pc, then that week it popped. I was able to go to my shops and picked up a few more. Sold them for $25-30 each. Had one left from my pc and listed it a few days ago but kept wondering if I should sell it. The thought was to sell it and pick up the foil Joker Uncovered this week.

Held it in my hands and it was just a gorgeous copy. Thought it was too good to sell so I unlisted it. I also picked up a copy of the foil this week. Don’t know if these will go for anything in the future but I’m definitely glad I have it. It could be a classic christmas cover years from now that could be sought after.

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