Best Sports Card Resources?

I don’t dabble in sports cards so I was unable to answer a question a local friend asked me. Her husband is getting back into sports cards after not doing them for some time. I’ve asked my chums who live here about good Saint Louis stores, but do you guys have online distributors you recommend for buying new packs in bulk or such? I know basically nothing about sports cards, but know there is at times crossover between lovers of them and comics, so I wanted to ask my homies and homettes here!

I used to buy from Dave and Adam’s and Blowout Cards, but the hobby got so expensive that I only buy singles from COMC. They even have the Peach Momoko Flair cards on COMC. :smiley:

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When I was more active in sports cards I use to use Sportlots to buy singles to fill out sets.

I kinda got into sports cards over covid. I put together a collection of Raiders short print, autographed, rookie cards. From my brief experience, I found Comc to be a reliable source.

I got out a few years ago, but Chris at Cards Infinity has always been good. He streams box breaks live on Youtube as well, if your buddy is into that.

RBICru in St. Peter’s MO is excellent. Not sure how far that is from St. Louis is tho.

They actually live in Saint Charles so that is pretty close! I referred to it all is the St. Louis region but it’s of course all these little towns.