Beta Ray Bill & Quasar headed to the MCU?

Get your Thor #337s and Hulk #234s ready!

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Very nice.

Just gonna have to get you an account, I have a feeling this new forum is gonna generate a lot of new posts on the main CHU site. :wink:

Im typically not on the ball w/ movie news, but a friend turned me onto this bit of news. I thought Id share it here.
Ive actually been out of the weekly spec game for the most part, for the last 2-3 weeks. I am sending my 1st large submission into CGC and currently have about $1000 tied up in pressing and grading fees. It is all being funded by comic sales, so saving that $ has bitten into my weekly pick ups over the last two Wednesdays. Ive had just enough funds to purchase my readers.

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I’m not even sure how I function lately. Been working 50 hour weeks for day time job while still managing to work on backend stuff for CHU while still getting posts written up.

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Oh boy, which Quasar? At first I would think it would be Phylla-Vell because of Marvel wanting more female leads. Admittedly, I haven’t read much with Phylla-Vell in it but it seems to me she might be a bit similar to Danvers on the big screen. I am just assuming and could be completely wrong.

I really wouldn’t mind Marvel keeping with tradition so to speak and have Wendell Vaughn do the honors. Regardless, I had a feeling they might go with a Quasar at some point so I bought multiple copies of Captain America #217, Hulk 234, and Captain Marvel #16 when they were all pretty cheap a few years back. Reading the article it did say “fan favorites” from the source material, but who knows this early on.

Regardless who they use it should all be pretty good. Marvel’s track record has been more hit than miss, so I would expect that trend to continue. Well, off to ebay to sell at least one of each of these three books to cover some initial cost.