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Anyone order anything from this Canadian retailer?

I pre-ordered a remarked CBCS copy of their Bunny Mask exclusive that they had in February or April of last year and can’t get ahold of them via email or IG now for any updates. Thought I’d ask around or at least warn others.

I’ve never heard of them, which is one thing that worries me but I don’t really know a lot of the Canadian retailers. I hope you can get it resolved!

Feb/April of last year?? Lots of shops have gone under since then and closed their doors. You sure they’re still operational?

Supposedly. Their website has been updated with even this year’s monthly’s books but it could all be a front.

Sorry to hear that. I do not order much from Canadian stores. One thing to do is check and see if copies have shown up on eBay. I would most certainly call my credit card company though and see if they can help.

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UPDATE: Maybe they had some visibility to this post but I got a refund, after emails and reaching out via social media without response. I received a refund after ordering from April 2022.


Glad it worked out!

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Good you got resolution. Sorry it took so long.