Binder Holes/Punch Holes in Comics

Hello CHU community, I am looking for a little guidance and I thought what better place to go for that than the CHU Forums. I have a Golden Age Batman book that I am looking at purchasing and it has 2 binder/punch holes in it. The book overall looks really solid and all the pages seem to be intact as well as the staples. I’m assuming the holes were just for putting the comic in some kind of binder book for storage years ago. My main concern is, would this still be able to get a CGC Universal Blue Label, or the dreaded Qualified? It is a grail book for me, and may be something that if I’m able to get it, I just leave raw, as I would love to own the book period, but it sure would be nice to have the confidence that if I do want to grade it, it would be Universal. I appreciate any input! Thank you!

More than likely it would get a qualified (green) label from CGC. If it is something that you really want make sure you don’t overpay since holes punched are a pretty big deal condition-wise. If you want to get it graded but don’t want the green label have CBCS certify it. The book will be graded accordingly and the holes will be listed as a defect on the front label with no color association. Just curious, which issue is it?

Thanks for the information. I have contacted CBCS to get their opinion. It’s currently at auction on a major online auction house, so I don’t want to say at the moment. Don’t need any more competition than I already have! It does include a first appearance though.

Now I am intrigued! Good luck with it! I haven’t checked any of the auction houses but is it first Joker and Catwoman?

Any Major Auction House in the USA would have had this book graded before offering it … so, I don’t know what’s up with that …

Even to garner a Grade of 1 / Fair, books must be at least fully intact … I would tend to think the holes disqualify it from being “fully intact” … especially since they go through the whole book … :vulcan_salute:

My Daredevil #1 is hole punched and could care less. It’s still 1st Daredevil, misfit books need homes too. I draw the line at coverless, won’t buy any of those. I do have some really major keys missing half the back covers. I have sold books missing half (advertised that way) of the back cover and made the same money as a 4.5.

Yeah, my AF 15 is a rag, but I have it in my Will to bury me with it … :vulcan_salute:

I may be in for grave robbing if it’s a AF #15.

Misfit books just means average Joe’s have a shot at getting high end key issues in their collection without having to sell the house to do so! :wink:

Green Lantern CGC w/Hole Punches

I was gonna say the same thing… When Willie passes on… we’re gonna visit his grave and pay our respects. You find out where he’s buried, I’ll bring the shovels Alana… we split the profits! :wink:

Perhaps I need to consider Cremation … ?? :vulcan_salute:

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That’s odd…I have seen hole punched books given a CGC green label. I wonder if they changed their policy on it?..I guess they must have.