Birds of Prey True First Appearance?

Showcase '96 3 or Black/Canary Oracle? Who knows, and it still seems undecided even going into the movie.

I’ll have to admit, I have zero desire to see Birds of Prey at the theaters. I’ll be fine waiting to watch on Netflix.

Yeah it looks annoying, I don’t really care for it. What would you say is the first app, Poyo?

I’d have to really dig into Birds of Prey as I’m clueless since I never even read their titles.

I didnt even realize there was a controversy on this one, so I looked at Showcase '96 #3. It looks as if this one is one of those “Prototype Appearances”, because it’s Black Canary and Lois Lane - who was never a part of the team. CGC denotes nothing on this issue currently.

Black Canary / Oracle is not just the first team up of two core team members, it also says “Birds of Prey” in the subtitle, so its also first use of the team name. CGC also notes its “1st Black Canary & Oracle as Birds of Prey”

So, I dont think theres any debate, really, its just sellers who have Showcase '96 #3s trying to sell an otherwise forgettable issue trying to pump it up.


Someone please buy my showcase 96 :smiley: I’ve had it listed forever at $20 and no one is biting… heard early reviews for the movie are good though!