Black Adam Movie Progression

According to CinemaBlend earlier today the producer of the Black Adam movie has indicated they will begin shooting late 2020…“if” everything goes as planned. At least it seems to be progressing. Black Adam could be an awesome film with Dwayne Johnson playing the anti hero/villain! Hope they have a good script and get this done! Would be smart if they introduce Black Adam in the Shazam sequel which is suppose to start filming soon as well.

Regardless, Black Adam’s first DC appearance (as well as first modern appearance) and second overall is in Shazam! #28 from way back in 1977. Not really a cheap book even in low grades but still not a budget breaker outside of maybe 9.8/9.6 grades. When news hits that production has started the book will probably spike in a big way!

If Shazam #28 is a book that has been on your radar, look around and get the nicest copy you can afford! This time next year, odds are you will be very glad you did!

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