Black(and red) Suit Spidey first cover?

Is this the first original concept art black suit spider-man cover? I know the suit was in a few books, but I haven’t seen a cover before.


I preordered 2 just cause it’s a cool look. And its Amazing Spider-man I’ve been grabbing most of the covers for this run. Next few issues features the other Spiders heavy as well.

There is Marvel Age #12 Pre-release page but there it have white eyes


TFAW has them up for pre-order. It’s a cool cover for sure and first cover for black and red suit.

The red vs white eyes might be a way for people to say it’s not the same, but I’ma grab one anyway. Then, it’s either a new suit or 1st cover of the concept suit which is a win-win for me.

I did some digging and found the first appearance of black costume with red and red eyes. It is Spider-Man Deadpool #8 which is a fairly cheap buy.

I had posted this but removed it from the post because he has another chest symbol on the suit in Spider-Man Deadpool #8

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Crazy I thought the cover or suit was just for the vampire/horror variants they are doing. Buuuut I’ll grab that deadpool issue jus n case

The chest symbol is different between the two. Not sure how much that matters.


Not sure. The theme is the same.