Black cat king in black 2 Antivenom suit

Ok we know that Black Cat is getting an anti-venom suit and the A cover features it nicely. I can’t find any leaks if this is going to be an ongoing addition or something like Web of Spider-Man 100 where it’s gone by the end of the issue.

In any case, long term spec possibly as once a character has been granted a suit that always becomes a possibility of a return of the suit. Or when a new anti venom shows up people will suspect it’s tied to Black Cat, etc.

Anyway, any thoughts and does anyone have any previews or leaks of the issue to clear this up?

did anyone care when she got an iron man suit? ~ 6months ago

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I don’t spec on suits myself… the only one that truly stands out as worthy is Spider-Man’s first black suit but it’s a little more than just a suit… :wink:


It is really hard to tell with these Tie-in stories what will be long term and what is just part of this event. With that being said, new suits very rarely turn into anything spec worthy. First symbiote appearances being the main outlier, but Anti-Venom is not new.

she really does get the anti venom suit. Bought a couple extra copies just in case.

It’s not that she gets it, but will she keep it? Highly doubt that.

I got a couple for the PC, the main and 2nd PTG which was a cool cover.

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Same. It sucks that the books get interrupted by these events and dont get to continue threads started prior.

Agreed. : (

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