Black Hammer Amazon


Black Hammer is awesome and would make an awesome screen adaption if done right!


Time to watch Black Hammer prices on secondary! If you got extras, might be a good time to dump some and then keep some.


There are some great stories in the various Black Hammer series.

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Listing the issues asap!

Yes, all the mini-series side stories that tie into this Black Hammer universe have been great!

the prices hasn’t gone up that much. I sold a NM+ copy of 1B a few years ago for $40.

Yeah, they jumped a bit on the first option. But now with Amazon grabbing the option and them doing other super hero type shows already, could actually happen this time.

Still waiting for a Key Collector update to see how many copies sell. Probably not too many. Still, want to recover some of my initial investment in BH #1. Never did get the SDCC version (or whatever the rarest #1 is) and will prob be our of reach.

The original series I loved, got all 1-10 issues, both covers still, all cover price. I’m keeping in personal collection myself.