Black Jack Tarr cast for Shang Chi also news on Glen from TWD

Black Jack Tarr first appears in Marvel Special Edition #15 which is also Shang Chi’s first appearance so no real additional spec here. Also in other news some saying Glen from The Walking Dead is getting his own show but that rumor originated from wegotthiscovered so most likely false.

I had always thought Black Jack Tarr was first in Master of Kung Fu #17? (and 1st cover)
I don’t own the Marvel Special Edition #15 to look in though.

Rats, as I have a stack of #17 as it is such a cool cover and a bit hard to find in nice shape due to the white cover.

I didn’t see him when I just looked through it so the wiki is probably wrong we may have a spec here after all.

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@Alana The Master of Kung Fu #17 is a Marvel Stamp issue also. In case you decide to buy a raw copy.

Pretty sure it’s Master Kung Fu 17 as well. Which is the first Master of Kung Fu book as well. Good one to have.

I can’t see how’d they’d make a Glenn show. They just are starting a third walking dead series this fall with new generation of kids.

Ooohhh…did you just get wiki’d?!