Black Panther 2 Release Date Announced


May 6 2022
Long ways off for a sequel. From a spec standpoint the far away release date makes me think we will be getting the lost princess of the Jabari as Storm. Eventually by Black Panther 3 to have them married like the comics.


I hope she divorces and gets back with Forge but then ends up on the Maury show for a paternity test to really spice things up.


Lots of Sub Mariner spec going on for this movie. Glad I picked up #1 about a year ago.

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The Hickman New Avengers run (especially #2 & #7) and Hudlins Black Panther #21 are great books to grab now relative to this. The hate between BP & Namor in all of these is off the charts. The covers to the #7 & #21 are also perfect if the plot ends up as we are thinking.


Going to press and send mine in to CGC.

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