Black Panther 2 Release Date Announced

May 6 2022
Long ways off for a sequel. From a spec standpoint the far away release date makes me think we will be getting the lost princess of the Jabari as Storm. Eventually by Black Panther 3 to have them married like the comics.

I hope she divorces and gets back with Forge but then ends up on the Maury show for a paternity test to really spice things up.

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Lots of Sub Mariner spec going on for this movie. Glad I picked up #1 about a year ago.

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The Hickman New Avengers run (especially #2 & #7) and Hudlins Black Panther #21 are great books to grab now relative to this. The hate between BP & Namor in all of these is off the charts. The covers to the #7 & #21 are also perfect if the plot ends up as we are thinking.

Going to press and send mine in to CGC.

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Not sure if everyone is watching the livestream, but these folks also just said Micheal B Jordan is returning as well.

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MBJ will likely be in one of those Wakandan afterlife scenes.

I was thinking more on this. I would undoubtedly really enjoy anything in this film relative to underwater scenes, battles, Namor etc. Even though Aquaman wasn’t great…I loved the special effects and underwater scenes.

Movies like 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, James Bond Thunderball Battle Scene, The Deep, etc…just always cool. I hope this announcement comes to fruition.

Fadomwire has more pop ups than a streaming Chinese site I would not trust their info. Again it’s almost impossible to do Namor without giving half of the movie proceeds to the Bill Everett estate.


Disney did pay 73 billion for Fox but they got a lot more than just the X-men and F4 rights. So could Disney pay out $400, $500 million to use Namor sure but will they if they just spent 73 billion to use X-men and F4.

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Well, there we go

When asked directly by Smith if Marvel had regained ownership and if Sub-Mariner was now an official part of the MCU again, Quesada responded by saying: “I can’t speak for studios … As far as I know, yeah we do. It’s not at Fox, it’s not at Sony … Yeah.”
But it’s Universal not Fox or Sony lol and that article was 4 years ago saying Namor could be in Infinity War.

Namor sucks anyways… he’s the Aquaman of the Marvel Universe… :wink:

He’s worse than Aquaman

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But he has wings on his feet! WINGS!

…I like Namor.

An update.

Release date July 8, 2022

Man, shows what these studios can do. Hasn’t even begun filming yet.

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