Black Series Jar Jar Binks 6 Inch Figure

I just impulse bought Jar Jar Binks in stock off BigBadToyStore. Not sure if I did this ironically or not. I’ll keep you updated as I figure that out.


Were you drunk, Wookie?

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CHU Giveaway? :wink:

Hell, maybe I could order another. They’d need to comment over at, though.

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They have to comment here, there and on twitter and follow you on facebook… to qualify… muhahahahahahaha!

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Also donate to my Patreon, but no purchase is necessary.


Who knows…maybe they’ll only make 100 and it’ll be one of the most sought after Star Wars figures in time…

How ironic would that be?

Jar Jar is the best. Why would they only make 100? They should make 1,000,000,000 of them… to meet demands… :wink:


@agentpoyo and @drunkwooky, How many should I pick up for you?

And should I wait a week for when they’ll be marked down 75% on clearance…or do you not want to risk it?

(FYI, these were the only black series figures left in the racks…they just restocked this past week).


How many do you think are in a shipment? I’m guessing 5.

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There are 6 in a case.

If free, I’ll take them all…

Three more seen at Walmart. These were stocked since Friday…again, no other figures left.

So, should we pull a reddit and suddenly make these “in demand”?


Purchasing every single one of them, withholding them from the market, and creating unheard of demand for Jar Jar Binks is the least we owe Ahmed Best.

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Whatever. He got to play another character, named Achk Med-Beq.

His first name is pronounced “auck med”. Which tells me this other character is named after him.

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