Black Widow #12 Two New Villains

The Living Blade is the one from her past. The other could possibly be named The Host.


This also has an amazing cover. Maybe Hughes best one to date for this series and I love the evening dress cover for #11.


Any ratios for 11 n 12?


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Good looks

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All dried up on ebay, just a couple single issues left at cover. Might be a good flip if you can find them at your LCS Wednesday.


If it’s a cool new character, I prefer to hold for the long-term.

yeah guys remember how Apogee was setting the world on fire :joy:


Yeah, he wasn’t fleshed out enough for people to care.

There was nothing particularly special in the contents of J.Scott Campbells’ Spidey covers or Hughes Catwoman/Wonder Woman books at the time…

These are great holds imoi as is the Campbell run on Black Cat recently.

Already sold out at midtown as well.

Speculators: Not pulling or buying a pretty solid run with stellar covers and is a good spec series, I sleep
Key collector tells people to buy a book cause lol I dunno:

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I’m a speculator who grew up reading comics. I still have trouble selling my last copy of a book unless the money is just too good to pass up. Imo, it’s just the speculators who need someone else to tell them what to buy that suck. Usually they don’t even like reading comics.


how many 1st apps have be had in the last 6 or 7 issues of black widow ?

Only like one that was meaningful but like 4.

Grabbed the last 2 from collector cave.


The Living Blade

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Did the dialogue box say Clint or c*nt? Sorry for the confusion lol

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It looks like bw’s internal monologue. Doubtful it’s latter.

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