Black Widow's TASKMASTER identity revealed

name is really similar tho, makes me think they simply shorted it to make it more pronounceable to non-Russians. Anya Derevkova vs Anya Dreykov. also the day review embargo was lifted some one cleaned out ebay in 5 minute span

I also thought that.

Yea, a few candidates. Could be a hybrid of both Anyas.

And yea, those sales two days ago clued me in that somebody knew something. Full reviews are coming June 29th.

print run is 15k btw, was told by some one that comichron only list it as howling commandoes

I believe it. It’s listed on Marvel’s & Diamond’s websites that way:

Howling Commandos (2009) #1 | Comic Issues | Marvel

No, but they are loosely packed such that you can either separate the books and get a decent glimpse of the cover, or slide them an inch or so up/down to see the top/bottom of each book.

And I was being gentle too. I should have taken some pictures of the packs. Hitting another ollies tomorrow I think…will post some pics of I do.

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Dreykov was a general referenced in the 2012 Avengers movie. This is his daughter.

I think it’s a new character. Could be loosely based though.