Black Widow's TASKMASTER identity revealed


I had a hunch O-T Fagbenle was playing him for a long time. This confirms it.

Time to get those books, kiddies.

Ultimate Comics Spider-man #26 and Marvel Graphic Novel #57


It’s Ultimate Venom and Carnage in the Venom films they barely moved up in price. Ultimate Spider-Man #33 went from a $5 book to a $11 book 1st Ultimate Venom, meanwhile a 9.8 ASM #300 fetches $2400 + tax


I bought those books about a year ago when we all talked about it all from dollar bins. Maybe they have been replenished again by now lol.

The cover of All New Ultimates #11 with him on the cover is actually pretty cool though.


Venom is Venom. It doesnt change. 616, Ultimate…both are the same.

Ultimate Taskmaster is different than 616 Taskmaster. Different characters.


People love hot books. I doubt UCSM #26 will become huge but it will probably see a spike… Now, if they would have used the 616 version, Avengers #196 would have seen a bigger spike.

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