Blank Sketch Covers

I’m dealing with comic burnt out as of late as there is really ain’t many books I am looking towards in obtaining, or have excitement towards. I do have my list and I still collect, Yes. Moon Knight coming! Anyways, blank covers. There doesn’t seem to be many Blank covers that I am looking forward too.

I am picking up 6 or 7 of the “Street Fighter 2021 Scifi Fantasy” blanks since ‘Street Fighter’ blanks are always sought after from others from me at the CONS I go too. I may pick up some “Elvira Meets Vincent Price” ones The Kiss Phantom Obsession I’ll order 1 or 2.

I don’t draw. Here is the thing. I buy them because I use them as trade at the CONS. I will have a list of them and if I want original art in my sketch book, I will trade blanks for art in my PERSONAL BOOK. Artisits can go ahead and use the blanks turn around and sell them. Artists knowing that my art is being personalized in my book know I’m not out to make a buck on them, and they can make a buck on me with the blanks that I trade them for work.

I don’t know the pickings this past year and a half haven’t really been there with blanks.
Anyone else pick up blanks sketch covers here?!?


I have picked them up before to have them drawn on but artist charge to much and don’t have the extra funds for them. So I have about 10 of them. I was going to do my own art on them but the first one was bad. The second one was ok and haven’t done anything with the rest. Might pick up the Street Fighter one though. Do you know when it will be available to order?

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Nope. I just saw that a Street Fighter Unlimited Blank sold for $19 on the bay.

I agree that artists charge too much thats why I always negotiate a trade and offer 2 or 3 blanks in exchange for some art. They can always turn around and use those blanks, or make some drawings and charge whatever they want and double their profits. Always a win win.

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Some blank covers are actually rare variants e.g. those from the Image 25th anniversary boxes. I have a few of those including God Country.

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Well Scored all my Street Fighter Blank Covers, but my LCS did not get any of COVER A of Street Fighter… Chun Li in a SAVAGE LAND Rogue top is dope, need to go out and FIND 4 of them!

Also got the 3 1:10 covers. :slight_smile:

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