BleedingStool Is At It Again! Jessica Harrow Next Erica Slaughter

So I’m not going to post the link here because I don’t want to drive any more traffic to that crappy site. However you can’t deny the fact the influence they have on the speculation aspect of the industry as evidence by their Next Miles article, especially among neophyte speculators.

They’re trying to do it again saying they have a hunch that Jessica Harrow will be the next Erica Slaughter. They’ve had articles comparing them in the past. Something to keep an eye out for with Boom’s Grim. Could be another great flipping opportunity for the early bird. As always proceed with caution and never take bleedingstool’s word as gospel.

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team behind grim is no where close to the team behind siktc

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??? What a weird statement, I love sikc and Erica is a cool character but no way is Erica such an iconic or popular character yet lol. Might as well be saying Twig is the next We live or something like that

twig is next canto, thats what ive heard lol


He/it needs a partner. A partner named Berries.

Just link it as :wink:

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It’s going to have a big print run. James Tynion wasn’t that well known back in 2019, so a lot of comic shops overlooked SKTC.I don’t think many comic shops are going to overlook Grim because we have many Youtube channels these days talking about potential hot FOC spec comic books.Stephanie Phillips is a decent writer,but not on the level of Scott Sydner or Tynion in writing horror books.I don’t think it will have the same heat as SKTC, Nice house on the lake or even Nocterra.It’s safe to buy couple of copies just in case.