Blind Science Custom Comic Divider Labels

I found these folks recently and their labels look super slick! Labels are $1.00 each/$1.75 for glossy. I ordered a bevy of Star Wars labels. I’ll update you guys and let you know how they work out.


those look pretty sweet. Let us know how they look and last, I might have to order a stack.

Got these labels in. They look pretty sweet, honestly! I don’t know if the quality comes through but they are really nice. Bright, bold colors, high resolution images. These weren’t just printed on an HP laser jet.

I dunno maybe they were printed on a home printer, but either way crazy high quality on these.

I’ll update when I actually get them onto some dividers.


Those look really nice - definitely watching for an update.

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Yeah, these look about as amazing as I thought they would in the boxes.