BloodMoon Comics Giveaway

Hey everyone. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been putting BloodMoon Comics new releases on my picks of the week. I love horror and small press books so these have been stand outs to me. They contacted me the other day after seeing that I was mentioning their books and sent me a bunch of comics to give away. Some of them are rare variants including a super rare Peach Momoko cover I don’t think anyone has mentioned for the Devil Tree #1. Since I do stuff on here, the main site, and livestreams on whatnot I will be breaking up the giveaways over the different platforms. Keep an eye out as I will be kicking the giveaways off this Tuesday and doing the final giveaway next Monday live on Whatnot.


Oooo, me want!

“Me want fooood!”

I’ve been reading these! Cool stuff.

In like Flynn

Ok folks, the details on the giveaways will be posted at 8 PM tonight on the main site. I am giving away a set of White River Monster #1 and 2 on the main site and on the forum,. So if you want to comment below to be entered, go for it. And be sure to check out the main site tonight at 8 PM Eastern for the details on the other giveaways!

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Comment like this to enter? Will keep an eye out for the post.

DID I WIN? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Garry hall…….love this series


Thanks for doing this. Just curious— anyone order from BloodMoon Comics directly? How did they do with shipping- comics show up ok?

Yes go ahead

I have commented. Woot!


Does this count

I’m in! Thanks for the opportunity guys.

Me, me, me!

Thanks for doing this.

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