According to Rob Liefeld on his WhatNot stream (no link available for past shows) there will be a “Proof of Concept” minute or so long footage release this weekend. This footage will be similar to what we saw with the original Deadpool concept CGI that came out years ago.

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I like how they just straight up use a red hood helmet lol

Looks like a dogshit videogame…

It’s like, basic level CGI proof of concept. Deadpool looked similar

I know that. It’s just a poorly done “proof of concept”

deadpool at least had funny writing and much better choreography and editing in the proof of concept trailer, this looked like crap, couldnt tell what was going on most of the time

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I was out probably before seeing that trailer but I’m definitely out now… You’d have to likely pay me just to watch that!

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Some Blood Wulf animatics!