Blue Beetle in possible development on HBO MAX

CBR had an article stating Blue Beetle was in development to be a series on HBO MAX. No other details were given or which Blue Beetle (Ted Kord or Jamie Reyes) would star. I think most will bet it is going to be Jamie Reyes but ya never know until it is official.

Blue Beetle first appearances are as follows.

Ted Kord: Captain Atom #83 (silver age)

Jamie Reyes: Infinite Crisis #3 & Infinite Crisis #5 (as Blue Beetle)


Captain Atom #83 is already pricey so outside of a slight spike I don’t see people going nuts over this.

Infinite Crisis #3 & 5 can still be found cheap and they are probably the best to bet on. They also have the most potential for profit if you can still find them cheap (if Reyes is used).

Nothing official on all this yet so if you decide to make a purchase do it with caution

There are other covers for Infinite Crisis #3 & #5 but the ones shown here seem to be the most popular.

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Is this new news? I heard this over a year ago and picked these issue up, but haven’t been able to flip them.

I was also picking up Blue Beetle issue #12 (2007) as I though the villain may be “Reach.”

DC Exec: “All our most well known heroes out of DC have flopped… let’s take a chance at a hero nobody outside of the comic book world will know…”

Makes total sense! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, there has been talk of this for a while but nothing official. CBR isn’t always correct but they are pretty good with their information. If true you should be able to flip your spec pick ups pretty soon. If not, Reyes is still a good long term hold.

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I found the old articles. It was under development to be a movie…looks like the plan has changed.

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Ah, yes…So many memories. A movie would have been pretty cool, but a show done right is a good venue to really explore the character. HBO doesn’t skimp on budget so that is good too. Personally, I would rather Ted Kord but odds are it will be Jamie Reyes which is good too. He is a good character and would do fine…Just not as good as Kord imo. Either way, I hope it goes through and hope it is done well.

Movie will be going straight to HBO MAX.

If you’re going with Jamie Reyes I’d recommend finding the Newsstand variants. I’ve only seen a handful of copies over the last few years & I’ve actually got a nice copy listed on eBay.

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I have an, “Infinite Crisis,” #3, and sold my #5 awhile ago for cheaper than I maybe should’ve even at the time. Meh.

I bought a small stack of IC #5 years back. I do have one Newsstand that is probably a 9.6. Not sure if I will keep the Newsstand or sell it if/when the HBO Max film gets released.

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He doesnt even mention the source…smh


KCA and not giving credit, name a better duo :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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OutKast? :wink:

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