Blue Devil shows up on Swamp Thing

Blue Devil appeared in Swamp Thing episode 2 last night. We meet the actor who portrays the character on film in the DC stream world. Ian Ziering (90210). He shows off the poster for his movie and gives the Rotten Tomatoes score, pictured below. This may of been a hint of the next DC streaming show before the current state of affairs for the DC streaming service. First appearance Fury of the Firestorm #24 not overly expensive worth a pick up.

Wait, Ian Ziering is playing a DC character on a new streaming show? I’m out. The only thing that guy is good at is killing sharks in Sharknado…

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Picked up four copies of his first appearance a few years back…they were and still are cheap. One of them is a Mark Jewelers even though it wasn’t advertised as being so. Probably a NM. If they announce a Blue Devil show, I am selling it day one of announcement!

Nice Daisy Dukes … :heart_eyes: