Bo-Katan Disney+ show

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Hold on to your butts

Nice. Seems the plan is to bridge seasons of Mandalorian with other Characters who wear Beskar.

I’m good with that.


If this is accurate do I buy Defenders of the lost Temple or not (her first , right)…The price is pretty high but if there is a show coming it will spike again…and again.

That is her first appearance.

Not sure if she’s even been in an actual comic book yet. I see listings for Bounty Hunters 14, but thought her name was just mentioned…will look now.

Edit: ah yes…suspected but not confirmed?


Seems like she needs to be the next Sprouse variant…

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I read something about a Mara Jade show today.

And it appears to have been BS.

Bounty Hunters #14, that’s also first Deathstick.

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The artist said he was inspired by her but officially, he can’t confirm.

So that’s a no from him, dawg.

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Is this a legit source or is it another We Got This Covered and other junk news sites?

Looks like Ming-Na Wen jumped the gun. She deleted this tweet pretty quick afterwards.

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