Books That Missed Solicitation in Previews / November

This email, from Diamond is self-explanatory … you’ll need a Diamond Log In for the Retailer site, but I’m guessing Previews World should be fine … Poyo :: Move the thread anywhere you think it’s appropriate ::

Due to the holiday shipping schedule and production time needed for printing, New Year’s Day release titles from Marvel Comics and Image Comics do not appear on the November 2019 PREVIEWS Order Form. Retailers will need to place their orders for these important books by the Final Order Cut-off Dates of November 25 for Marvel titles and December 2 for Image titles .

“Unfortunately, the timing of the deadline for the November Order Form meant that retailers wouldn’t get orders in on time to produce and ship the books,” said Jim Fallone, Diamond’s Director of Purchasing - Print Team. “We don’t want retailers to be without these important Marvel or Image products for that week, so we’re taking these extraordinary steps to make sure retailers can order these books in time by their respective FOC Dates.”

Retailers can view Marvel and Image’s 01/01/2020 release titles at . Retailers can also download and share with their customers a special Customer Order Form PDF for these affected titles and can also direct customers to the special PREVIEWS page at

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This already happened to me!! PUNISHER SOVIET #3 and DEAD EYES #4 I almost missed and they’re both pulls… Also the reboots THOR #1 (CATES) and STAR WARS #1 are on this “seperate list”. Very confusing to customers trying to order through previews… It’s rediculous actually, this is very helpful, I hope people are paying attention to this. Don’t accidentally miss your books people… Great post Willie. :+1:

Well, it is somewhat confusing … I got all my Pull and Holds ordered and sent a text link to my Customers that generally get Previews … when I browsed NOV Previews a few days ago, I was scratching my head wondering what had happened to some of the books … and I knew SW #1 and Thor #1 were supposed to be solicited …

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Heard it here on CHU first guys! Lower print runs expected on these titles due to missed ghost solicitations… I’M KIDDING!! Or am I?? :wink:

It’s perfect right where it is… :slight_smile:

I actually got this news fed to me a few days ago… didn’t get around to posting. Thanks for the post and updates Willie!