Bounty Hunter Collection: Boba Fett

Coming Soon: Pop! Star Wars™ - Bounty Hunter Collection (@GameStop exclusive.) Pre-order Boba Fett™ , the first of seven Deluxe bobbleheads that all nest together to create a dynamic display piece

POP! Deluxe: Star Wars Bounty Hunters Collection Boba Fett Metallic Only at GameStop

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Thankfully they will be at GameStop. Should be easy to get. I like these.

Yup. I told my wife to pre order one for me since I’m at work and doing a double shift. :grin:

damn I want this!

Ok, so we have 6 to guess right for the no-prize?

I’ll go first:

  • Bossk
  • Dengar
  • IG-88
  • 4-Lom
  • Zuckuss
  • Beilert Valance

I’m worried my guess is too basic. The ESB Executor line-up plus the first Marvel original bounty hunter. It would be surprising if the likes of Aurra Sing or Kenix Kil made their way on there. Maybe Fennec Shand because everybody’s hopped up on Boba Fett from Mando? Hell, I gues IG-11 is in the running. But I’ll stick with the basic line up.

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My wife also pre-ordered one of these.

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That’s pretty sweet! Especially seeing Bastila in any sort of collectible form. Under appreciated character for sure.

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so I ordered this operation… 2 to be exact, one for me and one for brother… he had two original boba fett action figures growing up… so i always got him fett stuff when I saw it…

I’m sure you all know that Bossk is up for PRE-ORDER

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I bought BOSSK, I wish GameStop would notify me when the next one is up for PRE-SALE.

I haven’t received mine yet. But did pre-order it. I picked up my Boba Fett one though and it looks beautiful. From what Gamestop manager told us is that they don’t even know what the next one will be or when it will be available for pre-order. Hopefully I don’t miss any :crossed_fingers:

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Just announced on funko Instagram.


Nice… Thank you

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Remainder are Zuckuss, 4-LOM, Dengar and the wild card Valance(?)!


Bossk gets shipped in late JULY…

If you haven’t received your Boba Fett, maybe another Bounty Hunter disintegrated it…

Go talk to Darth Vader about it…

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IG-88 is up for PRE-ORDER

It was odd for me to see that I Pre-ORDERED it but didnt remember PRE-ORDERING it.
ah… life…

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My Bossk came in last week. I finally opened it today.
I been bed ridden, awaiting covid test results, which I took on Monday.
Labs are behind, 25,593 new covid cases in my county (August 3-17)

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