Brand New Hot Toys PS4/PS5 Miles Morales Announced

There’s a brand new Miles Morales 1/6 scale figure from the new PS4 game that was announced today including a back-pack-riding Spider-Cat.

I posted about it over on my website,

Anthony and Poyo, let me know if it’s uncouth or bad form to link here on the forum.


What do you think @anthony, should you invoice him? :stuck_out_tongue:

Shoot, I link my blog sometimes when it makes sense, I say it’s all good, @drunkwooky!

Don’t listen to this guy… nobody put him in charge! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

God, I hope not. Being in charge here and keeping everyone in line would be stressful! Dunno how you all do it!

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If the hair isn’t turning gray, I’m just losing it entirely… that’s how!

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Looks like Miles has Spider-cat on his back… hmmmmmm.

I don’t follow Miles much but is the cat a new character or has if showed up in the comic?

Well this particular Spider-Cat is from Son’y PS4/PS5 Sonyverse game. The comic version (Earth-999) first appeared in Spider-Island I Love New York City

Thank you

there is also Spider-Man Annual Presents Peter Porker Spectacular Spider-Ham #1 - 2nd Print! which has the cat or at least a Spider-Cat on the cover. That one has been gaining heat lately.

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