Bread Crumbs- Possible Connections Across Different Media

So this could be nothing and some things have been discussed…but just thoughts on possible connections that could lead to something down the road. Over the years, I have seen characters quietly, heavily pushed into the forefront of comic stories or video games a couple of years before their movie debut. For example, I bought a NM copy of the first appearance of Spot for $3, when I noticed he was out of nowhere popping up everywhere in Spiderman comics and is even in the current Carnage run.
So here goes…

Rumors that Nomad will be in the MCU- Captain America new comic series is bringing back Nomad. Strong speculation it will be Ian Zola(Rogers)- long lost son of Captain America… …possible connection-see She Hulk post credit scene
Comics- 2013 Captain America #1 and #10

Rumors - X-Men will be in the MCU- Mr. Sinister… Currently in the X-Men Krakoa Age comics, Mr. Sinister is very quickly becoming the major antagonist(specifically Immortal X-men)… X-Men cartoon is picking up where the original left off. This is where Mr. Sinister was set up to be the main bad guy of the next season. He is also one of the few X-Men villains never truly introduced in movies.
Comics- Uncanny X-Men #213, #221, and #239

Star Wars -Star Killer-- Andor Disney + — from what I understand some of the show’s elements are supposedly- loosely based on Underworld (canceled Star Wars tv show)----Underworld supposedly had connections with the Video Game -Force Unleashed. With Darth Vader a presence on Disney + Star Killer seems possible (Underworld also was rumored to include bounty hunters. Andor is told over several years so anyone is fair game.) Drunkwookie- Does Cade Bane meet that timeline?
There is a trade paperback book with Star Killer, but I don’t think there is a comic book first appearance.

Spiderman Movie- Mr. Negative. Mr. Negative was heavily featured in the Spiderman game first. Next feast trucks were clearly seen in Spiderman movie and the Feast center was introduced(all tied in with Mr. Negative comic storyline).
Comics- FCBD 2017/ Amazing Spider-man #546
Kingpin is now back in the MCU and the Rose, his son, is popping up everywhere in comics. We could be looking at war breaking out in either Spiderman 4 or The Daredevil 18 episode series…but I doubt Spider-verse.


Nomad was trademarked awhile ago. I see you’re getting your “rumors” lol from Omega Comics…

Mr. Sinister has always been a major villain.

Andor has nothing to do with Underworld.

Waaaay too early to introduce Kingpin’s son or daughter in the MCU. Kingpin has barely been established …let alone as a great villain… in the MCU


Yeah, a lot of jumping to conclusions without understanding the stepping stones. In the case of the Star Wars stuff, there is so much wrong there, I don’t even want to bother.

Cad Bane is alive during the era of Andor. I think Galen Starkiller would be a stretch, though. His story has basically been entirely fleshed out and he would be a bit shoe-horned into Andor.

For what it’s worth Starkiller does have an earlier first appearance before the trade paperback, but it’s an absolute ghost of a mini comic sent out with orders of the first game from