BRZRKR #1 3rd Printing Announced - Limited Print Run

BOOM! Studios has already announced a 3rd printing for BRZRKR #1 with a cover by Dan Mora. There’s a catch though with this newly announced printing.

It’s going to be limited to just 10k total. So yes, allocations will likely (I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say they WILL) occur. Here’s the snippet from the announcement sent out:

Seems to be a few pre-sales already for cheap on eBay (expect to get some likely canceled though if they are allocated, etc). Might be a good way to lock in some cheap copies as we all know, when publishers mention allocation, everyone starts losing their minds.

One must question why BOOM! is limiting print runs. What’s their motive behind such things? Perhaps BOOM! should change their name to FOMO! Studios because that’s exactly what they seem to be doing by making super small windows to order new books and printings and then limit additional printings.

There was a report of 600k+ of the first printing, is there really a demand from retailers for more copies of this book? My last outing to my local shop had stacks of these on the shelves.

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They can choke on their $6 foil covers. I’m upset that they aren’t all $5. I just don’t get it.


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