Bunny Mask # 1

I like this. Hope they make an actual mask. Gonna get a couple for my twin granddaughters.

Thanks for the heads up. Concept sounded interesting to add a copy or 2 to my preorder list :+1:

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I’m on the fence for this one myself. Maybe it’s the whole… someone walking around with a bunny mask killing people… or whatever. Hmmm…

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Could just make you run faster (to get away afterwards).

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I’m not scared of bunnies… bunnies are also called… “Dinner!”

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I’ve been eye balling this one. Love the cover.

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The 1:15 incentive for this is great!

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I love em. Especially cooked with a fine red wine. Sent my daughter a pic of the book. We’re on a quest to find the bunny mask.

I got my LCS Pulling both. He said his distributor shows it as a 1:10.

Its a 1:15. All aftershock books have a 1:15.

what ever happened to tommy ?

Bunny Mask sequel

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