C2E2 news/books/variants

Tiny Onion Exclusives

The Department of Truth #1 RED Bootleg (limited 500 copies)

Spectregraph #1 Jenny Frison Foil Variant

Just bought my tickets for Friday and Saturday. Hoping that there are some decent exclusives this year. Last year was garbage since MegaCon was happening the same weekend.

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I have 2 of the Tiny Onion Day 1 Founder memberships. They saved us a copy last time at NYCC for their event and let others pick up for us. If anyone is attending and wants a copy, you can have one if you pick up and second me my other copy.

If anyone is going, I’ll take a Department of Truth :grinning:

It does look cool!

Yes it does. It doesn’t have to have all that fancy smanshy stuff in order for it to POP! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

hmmm…more of these same books and variants. There must be thousands of SIKTC, Department of Truth, Peach and junk comics. These ‘500 limited’ imply they only made 500…lol, nope. And we need the red version, the yello, gold, leather and then each in a virgin. Jenny Frison needs to stop asap or her shit will be the next Skotte Young…might be too late. But alas, these are businesses within businesses selling comic covers for 20x. easy money for them.


Image Comics is rolling out a new Retailer Exclusives programme for single issues and with what they describe as “long-term series growth in mind.” Those interested in being part of the mail-outs for exclusive cover opportunities are encouraged to contact Image Comics’ Specialty Sales Coordinator, Jon Schlaffman. Here’s what retailers who want to take part have to commit to.

  • Every retailer exclusive cover requested will have a minimum order of 500 copies
  • Retailers may request multiple versions of a cover (virgin, b&w pencils, etc) but EACH cover has a minimum order of 500 copies
  • Every retailer requesting one or more exclusives on an issue #1 commits to also purchasing 50 copies of #1 (any open to buy covers); 40 copies of #2 (any open to buy covers) AND 40 copies of #3 (any open to buy covers)
  • For each retailer exclusive variant requested, retailer agrees to make advance payment to Image of $500, which will cover the plate change fees and cover Image’s Production and Coordination expenses
  • Payment is required in advance of the FOC date. If payment is not received, books will not be printed.
  • All retailer exclusives will ship through Diamond Comic Distributors
  • Artist selection is required to have been signed off on by the creators before the Request Form Deadline
  • A rough sketch of the cover requires creator approval before proceeding to the final art stage
  • Final art is due two weeks before issue FOC
  • Missing any deadlines will result in an immediate, non-negotiable cancellation of the retailer exclusive
  • NO EXCEPTIONS to any of the above requirements will be made or considered.

Thanks for posting that BJ! Provides clarity which is greatly needed these days with exclusives

I can’t imagine anyone wanting to purchase more than 500 copies.

Cost appears to be regular discount plus about $1 per comic in plate fee’s when divided out.

Roughly $2000 in cover price for a $3.99 comic should work out to $60 in freight charges with the new rates from Diamond of 3%.

You also have to buy 130 open order covers of the first 3 issues or maybe another $260 in cost at 50% discount plus shipping, $15.60.

Of course you also qualify for any ratio’s based on ordering a combined 550 copies of #1 that may be offered.

Lets see where we’re at based on a 50% discount level $3.99 cover price, some accounts may be higher.

$1000 500 comics
$60 in freight
$260 in open order comics
$15.60 freight
$500 fee from Image up front
Total $1,835.60 roughly for 630 comics not counting any ratios. That’s $2.91 a comic at cost.

If the terms have been amended to allow ordering through Lunar the store discounts would be higher and the freight costs lower making the cost per comic even less. For example, even I’m at 55% so that would be another 20 cent off per comic in higher discount levels. 550 comics shipped would mostly fill 1 extra double sized box at about $11.50 in freight with any overflow most likely fitting in the box that would be coming anyway for regular weekly delivery so actual freight would only be about $11.50 instead of $60 and 40 copies of #2 and #3 would fit in the deliveries then at no extra charge most likely. Diamond has new lower rates but they’re still waaaay higher than Lunar. PRH still ships free.


Then tack on artist fees, which can kick up that cost quite a bit, and even more so if you’re working with a bigger name artist. When I worked with a guy doing exclusives 3-4 years back, I think he was paying $500-1200 (if I remember correctly… big if) directly to the artist for the cover work.

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I don’t remember if Image has additional artists fee’s or not but $500 for 500 comics only adds a buck to the price. I would assume if the same cover was getting added in virgin then cut that in half. I’m assuming it should still work out to less than cover price. Just to be sure though, I sent over the question directly to Lunar.

I would assume most are already charging double cover price so they’re making 100% or more profit on them, at least $8 for a $3.99 cover comic exclusive. Sell half to cover the costs and the other half is all profit.

Also, I was off on the freight charges from Lunar. Apparently they’ve had an 80 cent price increase I hadn’t seen yet applied to yesterdays double box that was stuffed with 43 pounds of comics for $12.30 which was the same rate they charged for last weeks smaller single size box at only 25 pounds. Basically this week’s free comic book day books rode along for free even though they doubled the size of the box compared to last weeks without them. I try to time it so any weeks I don’t have enough for a double box, I order 1000 BCW bags so they can ride for free in the other side of the double sided box it upgrades me to. Basically free shipping for the extra stuff.

Last weeks was supposed to have 1000 bags and been a double box but I’m assuming they ran out and didn’t have them to ship for a couple weeks.



Yes, Image exclusives are available through Lunar. Jon is the main point of contact with Image who can be reached at jonschlaffman@imagecomics.com. He would have the details regarding any fees.

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Yes to the lower costs as an option thru Lunar now. Another e-mail out to jon about the artist fee part.

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