Can Foil Covers be Pressed?

There seems to be some conflicting information on line about whether pressable defects can be tackled on foil covers. I have 2-3 covers that would need a press to get to 9.8. Does anyone KNOW (not guess) if they can be pressed without causing damage to the foil/.

Many thanks

Yes they can be pressed. CGC say they can’t because CCS is a shit service.

They need to be done at a lower temp and for a longer period of time so some pressers won’t go through the extra effort.


Cbcs pressed my newsstand Spider-Man 2099 #1.

Came back a 9.8.


Yes, you can press foil covers. Just have to press them at a lower temp (around 125-135 degrees) and for roughly 10 minutes. I just recently just worked on a Nightwing #100 1:100. I was nervous as hell, but nothing was damaged on it from the pressing.


Thanks, that helps me to understand a lot. My independent presser said it cannot be done, but elsewhere I’d seen suggestions it could. Really appreciate the input from everyone :+1: