Canto II #1 Bishop Variant - TMNT Homage

If you love Canto and also love TMNT, there’s a great 1:10 coming out for this next volume in the Canto series. Midtown just listed them for next week. Slightly cheaper than what they’re going for on eBay. I don’t expect them to last long. Could be a sleeper ratio if you can find cheap for a nice flip. I don’t normally buy ratio’s over cover but I couldn’t resist myself. This one’s going in the PC for me.

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You know, I’ve been trying to talk myself out of this book for a few weeks now.

I convince myself not to do it and just buy the Gunslinger Spawn cover from MidT. I behave for once.

Then I’ve got to click on your darn post. FOMO kicks in. And I just place another order (with another Spawn and a Mag Ms Marvel 1).

Darn you. Lol

Haha… sorry. What’s sad is I know I can probably try and venture out to the shop next week to snag at cover but meh, that’s a lot of effort and since they didn’t jack this up too terribly high, figured I might as well buy from Midtown so it arrives in a month… :wink:

I envy all you people who can get ratios at cover.

My LCS won’t be getting it most likely even though it’s a 1:10. Small shop.

I grew up on the turtles so it hit me right away, but I try real hard to avoid homages as that hole runs very deep.

Yeah, I’m don’t cave into homages myself anymore for the most part but this one I had to nab since I love Canto.

Yeah Canto is a great story. And with the printing issues for issue 1, will always be a tough one. Glad I snagged a 9.6 when I did. The 9.8s were just too pricey for me.

I was fortunate enough to nab several #1 from first series in most likely 9.8 condition while so many others reported issues with the books. I also got the ratio variant in pristine condition.

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Canto was hands down my favorite comic of last year. I still think it would be a perfect Pixar movie.

Stadium comics actually had a decent package which includes the ratios (usually I think their prices are too high, but this was reasonable). I’m not sure if they are still available but you might want to check it out.

There’s a 1:25 too not as cool

Yeah, I like that but I’m not spending Midtown’s price for it.

1:10 is a better cover. Usually having a 1:25 would limit any potential value of a 1:10, but with the diehard turtle collectors the 1:10 should hold strong.

For such an iconic cover, it’s not homaged a ton.

I think I may dump my Momoko and pick this up…

Do it… Canto Homage for the win…

Midtown is now sold out…

Bah…you win. Grabbed a copy at $21+ shipping.

Will list my Momoko variant (one of, maybe both) as a presale to pay for it.

I always love a good homage. A good homage, some are lazy. This one is cool, though.