Captain America 323, 333, or 354?

As John Walker spec? Which one is worth the most? We need Wizard back to just tell us the current prices.

I you don’t need all three, then you don’t need any.

But if I could only have 1, it would be a toss up between 323 and 333. Probably 333 because of the red cover. But 323 is cool because it’s the Marvel 25th anniversary cover.

354 cover is fugly.

I meant more, which is worth the most, and which are the ones that fall by the wayside. A la Amazing Spider-Man 344 and 361.

Doing an eBay completed & sold item search on those issues would give you a good idea of current values.

First Full Appearances tend to be the most valuable but not always. You can’t go wrong with a first full though.

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I would have to agree. Although first in a costume is also big, if it occurs later. I think that’s issue 333, which I actually have up for sale…maybe when Anthony releases the Covrprice top 10 for this week it’ll go :wink:

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Vengeance has been going crazy as well.

Picked up #333 off the stands when it was first released and picked up # 323 not too long ago at a local shop for $4 in at least 9.6 condition. Look around, you might be able to find all of them cheap at local stores.

So which would that be? All are a ‘first appearance.’

I picked up 333 just in case, but 323 makes more sense to me as it’s his first appearance in general. In 333 he becomes Captain America, but we all know Falcon will eventually take over that title, which is probably what the series will be about. At the end of it all, he’ll probably end up as U.S. Agent or Super Patriot again, making 323 the important one, followed by 354. I have a feeling 333 will end up the least desirable of the 3.


Still think first in costume (333) is #1

Normally I’d agree, but he doesn’t keep this costume. It’s the second of a few costumes he wears, and it doesn’t come with any special powers. The character first appears in 323, and I think that’s what most people will care about.

from a Collectors perspective, I’d personally go for 354 / Mark Jewelers / Newsstand …