Captain America 4 In Development

Yes this is starting to look like it’s World War Hulk America


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Who are these people? Reliable?

People with inside sources. 70/30 reliable

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Cool. My interest is piqued then for sure.

RPK is all bullshit Firestar in Shang Chi remember :joy:

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Lmao yeah. How the fight club scene was going to have a bunch of cameos and then its just Wong and Abomination


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CA 310. Unfortunately I believe it’s already been on a few hotlists recently and cheap high grade copies gone.

Does this mean Sin spec is dead (for now)?

There are still some good prices out there. I found a couple of issues of #310 for $5 and $7 in VF, maybe more after a press.

Prices are creeping on eBay for Captain America #310, buy it now listings are all around $15 and up

Argghhh. Another book that was bought for $0.65 that went out a couple years ago with the “Big Purge”.
Oh well!

I never purge. That’s why I have so many books. Always wait for the right time to sell.


I often purge comics and at times regret it, but it has usually worked out for the best and I seem to know what to keep and what to get rid of. Now, I’ve made mistakes and sold in cheap bulk bundles stuff I should have kept, yes, but overall I have little regrets. If I had the space I might amass a ton of stuff and not let much go, however.

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I mostly buy only what I like, so it’s hard to purge anything…

It’s also crazy, how over time, you can accumulate multiple copies of varied books. I think I talked about prepping for an upcoming show I decided to do. I would say I’ve filled two short boxes of just keys, first appearances, etc that were doubles/triples/even more of books I had.

When I have multiple copies of something I find it very easy to let them go even if it may be a hold type situation.


What I need to do is set up shop at a small comic show and see if I can move a bunch of books at cover price or slightly under.

I have a lot that I’d say “I like this, but I can live without it.”

Some day…

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