Captain Marvel 12 - Dark Captain Marvel

This looks like it could be quite special. Love me a beautiful Brooks cover.

Power Rangers coming to Marvel comics, nice.

Looks cool except the face. How does one be a hero when they cover their face completely? At least put some eye sockets to make it more realistic… :wink:

Or hide your identity behind a chin strip goatee…

…oh wait…

If Danvers goes all out bad…look out 616.
The new mask, in the photo above, looks eerily familiar to Major Xs and his band of merry men.

I find Brooks’ stuff is beautiful, but he doesnt seem to get the same adulation as a Hughes or a Mattina, for whatever reason.

I didn’t like his work on detective comics covers. A little too cartoonish…His art seems more like interior than cover art…but some people like that.

that’s what I think is why he’s not in the same echelon. It’s not bad, but it’s not Bad Ass either.

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This is a story about what happens when a cosmic powered female gets really bad PMS.

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Breaking out my crystal ball and rubbing it ever so vigorously with pregame excitement waiting for the 3rd preseason game of the year, somethings starting to come into focus,……… I Think, it’s Carol for some convoluted reason returning to Earth and taking up the name and costume of Star around issue 20!!! Well it has been 6 years since the last time she changed names so that was a pretty long run for her so it shouldn’t be surprising. :crazy_face:

Now back to our regularly scheduled pigs in a blanket preparation or as us Redskins fans like them, extra large HOGS in a blanket. :yum:

I’m calling Marvel and asking them to bring back Connor for the cover art… :wink:

On Twitter he said this one of a few covers so maybe secret variant without a mask

Anyway declaring this a beauty… Do I get a Beauty Declaration Badge?

Heh, I’d have to make one. :slight_smile:

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Badge created… granted! :wink:

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The other article above has a herd of covers with and without masks.

My wife is secretly Captain Marvel?..neat.

:joy::joy::joy:. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you :blush:

I bet it is Star dressed up as a Dark Captain Marvel to further disgrace her image

That’s not Danvers that’s star

My guessing’s on Star dies in 11. Maybe a big boom from taking on too much juice or getting her juice junk collector damaged in the fight with CM.

Nooooooooooo!!! I spent 37$ on that stinking 1:25…