Captain Marvel 24

Will Captain Marvel 24 be considered Ove’s first apperance or will it be Captain Marvel 23? He’s on the cover of 23 but also only on the last page.

Pretty sure #23 will be the book.

I agree, for Ove, #23 is best as it’s first cover and first ‘cameo’ appearance in one. The fact it’s his whole body I think helps rather than just a hand or something for the cameo aspect.

23 would be 1st Ove and Brigid. 2nd print of 22 also has potential with them both on the cover, although I think that particular cover is awful.

A first is a first is a first. I he appears first in 23…that’s he first.

The publishers are really playing the game now. A cameo and first cover will pull some towards 23, with the first full in 24. An almost perfect plan to get people to buy both! As usual the market will decide which attracts the higher value if the character becomes a hit…so speculators and collectors are likely to cover both bases, just in case!