Captain Marvel #27 Hans Variant

I love Stephanie Hans art and think she nailed this one as well. I think the art was just released as I haven’t seen it before.


You know what you need to nail down? Adding freaking categories to your posts you start… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Nah. I got you to do that for me.

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Don’t make me knock down your trust level… :wink:

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While the covers have nothing in common per se…I think it will compliment this one well on display.


I’m gonna create the category… “Anthony Can’t Bother With Categories” Category… :wink:

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Make it my default category.

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I’ll make it hidden too… only you can see it.

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Can we make this a Hans thread like we have for the other artists?

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We definitely need a artist section I think I’ve seen about 3-4 threads about artists now

I don’t want to get trapped into the “create new category” for everything though… Artist might make sense but then it can also just fall under comics as well. I’ve visited forums where it causes confusion when you can literally choose from 12 different categories for your single topic… then they don’t even choose one. I think Anthony falls under that type of poster now… since he never sets a category… he gets confused of where to place them… :wink:


Hans has been around for quite awhile now. So it isn’t anything new. Momoko at the time was newish to the comic world, and now Rose Besch is new. So it makes sense to have those two have their own topics.

Stephanie Hans is an underrated artist.


I tried to grab that cover. She’s one of those artists who consistently puts out amazing stuff.

I’m also loving all the female talent making great art - Hans, Frison, Peach, Lupacchino etc.

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