Captain Marvel #8 - Giveaway

Comment here to win a copy of Captain Marvel #8.

The stinking rules:

1. One entry per person by commenting here in this very topic and thread on the forums.
2. One winner, randomly selected.
3. Winner agrees if international they will chip in for shipping costs or it goes to next randomly drawn entrant.
4. Winner will be announced in the comments here and the forums, by email as well.
5. The winner will have 24 hours to claim their prize or we select another winner.

Good luck!



Me me me! (Please and thank you)

I’m in

Commenting for Carol

Count me in!

Awesome! I’m in.

I’m in too!

Please pick me haha

I went to a pretty big shop that only ordered 1 copy for a pull. Said title doesn’t sell, so don’t order. Called me LCS after that, but all gone! Don’t order a ton there either, but usually have some. 9 and 10 were already ordered. Guess I’ll cross my fingers!

I’m in too!

“my”. I’m not a leprechaun, I swear.

I want it!

I’m in!

The great thing about the forums? There’s an edit button… :wink:

Would love to win this

Insert cheesy yet clever way to ask for a free book here Plz?

init to winit


Thanks for the contest