Captain Marvel #8: hold or flip

You have one copy of Captain Marvel in your hand (cover A or B). Do you hold or flip?

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Watch the market closely. If you think there’s potential in the new character, hold. If it blows up, great. If the character vanishes like a fart in the wind after a few issues and the comic becomes cover price again, then, well… what’s that saying? You win some, you lose some.

I’m just trying to get an initial feel of what people think.

So poyo, you’ve got one copy. One copy only. Are you putting it up for sale today or are you going to hold it?

I actually haven’t decided yet myself but I actually grabbed two copies. Not sure if I’m gonna sell one or do a CHU giveaway with it and hold the other. :slight_smile:

If I have one copy then I’m holding.

Im selling all except for 1 copy myself. If I had just one copy, Id watch the market to guage if to sell or hold. There are quite a few up for sale on eBay snd I haven’t decided yet if the market is :+1: or :-1: on this book, yet.

Market’s down right now due to a ton of new listings. Can they get back to being $20 sales again? That’s going to depend on how many people show up to play the undercut game trying to get the quick buck. More copies should hit the stores next week. Maybe a few more the week after. After that the Second Printings should be about ready to ship killing the desperation sales for those who only want to read and don’t care about value. About that time the next issue comes out which means they keep building and developing her or over the next few months she turns out to be a masterminds hench and done.

Speculating here but it would be interesting to see her tied into the evil Phil Coulson and his fake Squadron Supreme of the USA. That would at least attract a few Avengers fans crossing over to see what’s happening.

This week I’m actually thinking Gotham Girl out did her. She showed more powers, did more , has a cool new billboard promoting herself and may be in the plans to develop more now at DC making Batman #1 the book to be looking for if you can find it at a great price.

I will say I enjoyed seeing the direct reference to Avengers Annual 10 in the issue and the 1st meeting with Spider Woman. People here may not love it but it just got referenced in a key of the week so at least the $1 True Believers copies have a shot at moving. Already sold a copy today. (1st Rogue, Spider Woman, Avengers, X-Men, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants all in one issue.)

Flip the book if you really want it buy it in 6months it may be below cover by then if the character takes off then maybe your looking at a $50 spot. But take the $20 and run today.

Holding here…two more issues that “appear” to be centered on Star & always a possibility it ties into something. I’ll play this one safe & risk the quick $$.

If I counted right there’s 152 single Buy it Now copies parked on E-bay right now, most in the $20 range but some down under $15.

If the sales don’t pick up quick the undercutters are going to start walking it back down to single digits. I didn’t even try counting the auctions but it’s hard to imagine them getting bid past the cheapest Buy it Nows frequently.

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Bird in the hand and all that … :vulcan_salute:

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Thats the new trend with 1st appearances they are $20 before they release then they all get listed upon release and either sell or don’t sell. If they don’t sell it will get beaten all the way back to cover in a few weeks. If they do sell you get books like MCP #6.

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I wonder how many copies are still sitting on shop racks, at inflated prices? Thats not going to help this book either.

Hopefully enough to pair up with the copies already on the shelf of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and the copies of 9 and maybe 10 already ordered so they don’t find themselves with customers walking out and not buying because you don’t have #2 in stock even though 1, 3, 5 and 6 are and plenty of 7’s as ordered already as well. That was about 2:30 today when that happened to me today with Batman Who Laughs. I’m sure it’ll be a different title tomorrow but the time may vary. :watch:

It also wouldn’t hurt to have enough of the secret (CTD A covers) to put with the other 9 secrets they set aside or are expecting to make bundles for those people wanting the sets complete but not desiring to shop elsewhere to do so.

A couple left over for the regulars who have been buying the Carnage-ized Variant covers from the other titles wanting a complete set also would be nice.

I’d keep for sure if I only had one copy

Got one Carnagized variant at cover. It sold within an hour at a shade under $20. Got another 2x on hold but they will be $10 each. Undecided on whever to grab those. From the spoiler posted here the appearance was pretty lack luster and corny. Unattached.

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Rough count this morning still shows about 161 single non virgin Buy it Now issues for sale but the low end one’s sold out so the starting price is now in the low $20’s for most counting shipping. Enough new listings showed up last night to offset total cheap one’s sold so the supply didn’t drop. That makes the one’s with Free Store Pickup a deal if you’re close enough to pick up or planning to go to the store anyway.