Carnage (2022)

Reading the solicit for #2, sounds like a new character/host could be appearing:

“FOR YEARS, the only host the dangerous CARNAGE symbiote knew was CLETUS KASADY. Sharing a bond unique even among symbiotes and their hosts, the two were the most notorious and prolific serial killers in the Marvel Universe. But after the events of EXTREME CARNAGE, Cletus’ codex has found a new home, leaving the Carnage symbiote adrift, alone… and deadlier than ever before!”


Any connection to that kid from planet of the symbiotes 3?

All I see is Codex, please bring Codex back, let those books get the heat they deserve.


There was that kid in Carnage Red White and Blood issue 2, or whatever that series was called. He got the carnage goo

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Issue #4 is a good one.

Ghost maker is a better name.

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Impossible to keep a straight face when someone tells you to call them the Patternmaker :smile:


yea patternmaker is terrible.

Stop making fun guys, she will make us into a quilt.


I think I have a few of these laying around. Time to warm this up, eBay.

First Anna-May Parker (Spiderling, then patternmaker). Yeesh. Patternmaker. Maybe don’t throw out those Spiderling business cards just yet, eh Anna-May?

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I got a ton of those, they always go for cheap on sale at midtown and other sites

Re: the latest Carnage volume.

I haven’t been around the comic investing scene that long but would have assumed the Carnage symbiote merging with Detective Shayde in the latest issue would have been spec-worthy. I don’t hear anybody talking about it… any talk of this recent issue seems to focus solely on the new all-blood sword he forged in that issue.

Shayde/Carnage not spec-worthy?


I didnt see Carnage merge fully with Shayde…

Hey @ComicSpec, funny you should mention it. I had it in the spoilers for this past week, also, we find out how Cletus Kasady returns in Daredevil. But more to the point. Kasady will be merging with a new symbiote, called “Extrembiote” armor, in Carnage #11
CLETUS KASADY IS BACK! Years ago, Peter Parker spurned the Venom symbiote and it created a monster. Last summer, Cletus Kasady spurned the Carnage symbiote similarly, willingly rejecting it in favor of forcing his consciousness into the deadly “Extrembiote” armor. You’ve seen what happened to the Carnage symbiote in the months that followed… Now watch on in horror and discover what happened to Cletus!

Extrembiote armor was created during the King in Black when Iron Man fused armor with symbioses.

Carnage #12 called the armor a new type of symbiote, and gets new powers.
nd to an all-new type of symbiote, the EXTREMBIOTE, Cletus has a whole new array of deadly abilities

and then over in Cult of Carnage Misery #1 Liz Allen bonds with a new symbiote, Misery, to become, well, Misery.

Hope this gives you a good look at what is to come.


He selects him as the new host.

One Panel

Next Panel

  • no more human appendage… seems to be merged.

Last Carnage books I read where Carnage USA. So I have zero idea of whats going on lol. But the story sounds good though…

They didnt merge. Thats still the symbiote…

When a symbiote merges with a host, it changes appearance…

There have been an absurd number of Carnage events lately. Extreme Carnage, Absolute Carnage, Supreme Carnage, Carnage Reigns, Outlandish Carnage.

Some of those were fake. Most were real.