Catalog/Collection apps?

Just curious, what catalog and/or collection software, apps, etc. do people use to keep track of their collections? Historically I’ve used just a spreadsheet, but now that I’m getting more things something that has more data (values, etc.) would be nice.

I use CLZ but the interface is a little old and clunky. Maybe there is a better one out there.

I have a very small collection (~450 books), but I started at the beginning of collecting cataloging it on League of Comic Geeks. I am pretty happy with their collection management.

I use the CLZ App on my Android handy and i love it. Fast collecting of new Comics with the Barcode scanner and automatic comic price updates from gocollect.

I use Covrprice. It is not as quick of entry as CLZ, but the pricing trend info is very useful.

Comic book realm is free and easy to use.

Yup. I use comic book real as well. Free is good lol…

I also use covrprice, and it’s easy to use, but their pricing is sometimes off the charts ( not in the realm of reality). I mainly use to track hot books and just to keep track of what I have. I’m pretty new so I only have around 1100 books in the collection and about 300 on eBay.

I really like a lot about CLZ, but I recently doubled up and Excelled the whole collection, just in case CLZ goes down. I’m kind of an Excel addict, as I have all sales and purchases organized there. Love the various sort options with CLZ. Wish they mapped to raw prices though.

I root through my shortboxes every few months at the storage unit and go, “Oh yeah, I have this.”

Seriously though, I’m really bad at organizing stuff and just keep the notable stuff in one or two boxes I have at the house.

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I’ve used comic book realm for years. I’ve logged all of my 12,542 book collection there =)

Does collectors or comic collecting live provide decent value updates while databasing collections? Is covrprice the best in terms of comic values? What apps/software do you think is best overall? Trying to weigh options.

I use the CLZ app. For modern books you just scan the barcode in. Very easy to see what’s in your collection especially when at a show digging through boxes.

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I like both CLZ and Covrprice.

I had started with CLZ and my current collection is 4k+ comics so it was unfeasible to switch to covrprice. Covrprice you need to enter everything manually at this point on their page whereas CLZ you can just scan in.

You probably get better pricing information through Covrprice but I have made CLZ work. Covrprice gives you both raw and graded pricing. CLZ only gives you graded prices from go collect. I enter all my comics into CLZ as graded 9.8’s and then use that pricing to spot hot issues and then check them manually on eBay or covrprice.

I have been very happy with CLZ.

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Thanks. That’s good to know about the pricing.

man i hope covrprice updates their system to allow this feature. When I started I immediately went to covrprice (not knowing anything else existed), and have just stuck with them. I don’t have a huge collection, and their figures are out of this world wrong at times (ok a lot of times), but its a good gauge at whats hot and whats not.