CBCS now has a Census Feature

CBCS Census

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Only checked it out quickly but looks like they did a good job.

Our earlier Mathew discussion was the first thing I thought of too, Drog, when I first saw this post.

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I haven’t played around with it much, but I like how they break down newsstands vs. direct and you can review all the graders notes for every comic listed.

It’s not perfect as there was some data lost during an systems upgrade a several years ago, but it’s got some features that cgc doesn’t offer that fans will enjoy.

I encourage all to check it out. Definitely should boost cbcs’s reputation going forward.


@D-Rog, as far as our previous discussion is concerned, I’m very happy that my theory did not hold true. That is good news for our hobby, for sure. I do still have my personal reservations about that particular seller.
As I had previously said, Drog, you showed that you were quite diligent in your research on that Mayhew book. The new CBCS census, which is awesome to have, surely adds a ton of credence to your synopsis. Have you pulled the trigger on that Mayhew book yet, @D-Rog?

No, unfortunately I have not…went for ASM 136 instead. There was an opportunity about a month ago as the auction ended in the middle of the night…but I fell asleep/forgot to set up an auto-bid/snipe.

Still watching/waiting. I’m not paying $150+ for it.

But I suppose it’s good that the comic back-issue industry remains strong during these uncertain times. That’s what I’ve observed anyway. No real deals to be had, but I’ve made some good sales too. Moving inventory.

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Nice. I’ll have to go on there and register my books. Thanks for letting us know about this.