CGC article - Collectibles as an asset class

Interesting letter from CGC President on the emergence of collectibles.


Comics have always been an asset. People have used comics to store cash for a long while.

Any day now the Beanie Baby market will come back and I’ll be able to retire!


Dude. I used to sell them in several antique stores. Would rent a show case and an ex-girlfriend and I would load up the showcases. All she would do is call around and would score the good ones and we would buy them and flip them. It was fun.

It was one of the first things I started selling online back in the day. I’d go to garage sales and yard sales around town and find ones that were valuable then sell them to people online. Wasn’t a HUGE money maker for me, but it did let me buy one of my earlier gaming PCs!

I’m not understanding how the Mike Trout Rookie card sells for nearly $4 million. The Bowman Chrome one. Is it a one of a Kind?

Yes. It was his Superfractor. They’re 1/1.

And what some call “manufactured scarcity.”

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100% agree with the manufactured scarcity term. Casinos give you better odds at turning that $200 into profit than a hobby box does.

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No doubt. Buying sports card boxes is literally a form of gambling at this point.

The best card that I ever personally pulled was a Babe Ruth bat card 10/10 and even that was only $100ish card.

The gambling type nature of hobby boxes combined with the lack of ROI, the whoring out of rookies (every year the next Tom Brady is drafted, ya know.) and political bull poo in sports nowadays completely turned me off to the hobby.

I decided to fully embrace my geek side and since I moved to Vegas a little over a year and a half ago I have had an LCS close to me.

I called it quits about 5 years ago with sports cards. I feel the same way about all of your points. It’s a shame. It used to be a fun hobby.

Here is one for you … how do you interpret the following:

Comic A’s ‘raw value’ is greater than the average CGC sale at a 9.8 grade.

It’s saying that after you account for The cost of a comic ($4), round trip shipping ($25-$30) and the grading/encapsulation fees you likely don’t make any profit on average…even if it’s a 9.8.

Here’s an example…