CGC ASM 14 & Fantastic Four 52, plus raw Spawn 174 for sale

Hello all,

Due to some necessary home foundation improvements needed on my home, I’m needing to move a few books to come up with some funds. I was going to list these on ebay, but thought I’d start with the CHU family first. I’ll post a few pictures, and I can provide more if anyone would like. Send me an offer through a message and we can talk prices.
Thank you,
Also, this is my first time using imgur, so I hope this works.

You used Imgur right. It is a handy site. That first black panther in a qualified 3.5 is interesting. Not sure what you’re after for it?

Hello and thanks for the inquiry. It’s actually a 3.0 restored purple label. I had it pressed and cleaned by a reputable cleaner/presser and he didn’t say anything about seeing restoration in his restoration check. I’m thinking it might be a candidate to crack and try to remove the resto and resubmit, but I don’t have the opportunity to do that. I’m looking for $500 for it. And I can get you grader’s notes if interested.

Very cool. Unless I get some massive sales I don’t think I can afford it now. I’ll let you know if that changes, however!

No problem. Thanks for checking!