CGC Grading Bootlegs?

Here is an interesting one for you.

A CGC 9.8. Only one graded it says.



So was this removed from the census as being a bootleg?

That’s just awful. Sheesh
How does someone even get in a bootlegged handmade copy into a CGC case though?
Or was this bootleg manmade copy actually graded by CGC?

Cry for Dawn #1 had a counterfeit, understanding is there are CGC copies out there.

Actually graded by cgc

oofa … that does not look good for them. They’re already dealing with an (unsubstantiated) increase in quality and accuracy of their delivered product within the last year

Yep looks like cgc lost a good amount of credibility. I would hate to be the one helped scammed by them for $500

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I will be blocking those sellers who have graded copies.
I don’t need their nonsense in my collecting life.

To be fair, some people may not realize it’s a bootleg. I didn’t realize these ashcans were bootlegs till I saw the recent interview about it.


That’s why I was asking if it had been removed from the census. Since it is now known to be a bootleg it should be stricken.


I know CGC has had a few issues lately, but how does something like that get through!


Looks like I’m going to print up a bootleg Action Comics #1 and send it CGC’s way now.


Good point. I was going under assumption they were the originator and submitter of the ashcan. But you’re right they may have purchased a “raw” (if you want to call it that) ashcan from someone else without knowing. I stand corrected

I wasn’t trying to correct ya by any means! I just know I’ve acquired stuff at points and then learned it isn’t legit. Funko Pops, being an example of a heavily bootlegged market for rarer ones.

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Just not doing their fundamental, basic due diligence. How hard would it have been for the grader during the initial screen to pick up the phone and call some representative of Bad Idea?


There was 5 ungraded copies on eBay that I reported as bootlegs.


Look how desperate this guy is, with his listing title, to try and convince you this is real, lol…“Printed By Comic StoreOfficial, Bad Ideas Comic Seller (not printed by me, trust me)” :rofl:


Hopefully if they are an official shop they won’t be for long.

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I didn’t know these were bootlegs until someone told me on Facebook.

I didn’t know these were bootlegs until someone told me on Facebook. Maybe I should list them as bootleg and try to sell them on Ebay?

Listing them as a bootleg would be a more accurate description than listing them as “Printed by ComicStore Official Bad Idea”