CGC grading toys & funkos

That is a complete sentence

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You know, it’s nice to see another toy grading party enter the scene. AFA and CAS have been so inconsistent I am looking forward to their monopoly being broken. The lack of transparency at those places really turned me off after years of getting stuff graded. I have said it many times, to deaf ears, the loose figure grading scales need to be public knowledge in terms of what criteria they are using. Comic book grading, with all its faults, at least has a scale that is known. Some of it is splitting hairs between what’s a 9.8 and a 9.6, but overall, the scale is standard. The loose figure grading is just not well defined. And AFA and CAS never give out the grading report unless you pay for it. Free grader notes would put the heat on them, finally.

…everything you’re disappointed about with those companies, is what CGC is to comics. I’m not sure this is going to be the shake up for toy grading you think it will be unfortunately.

None of these companies will ever be perfect. Its a mostly subjective industry. CGC does fine given the massive volume they handle.