CGC Pedigree VS CGC NON-Pedigree

Hello Team,

Got a general question regarding Pedigree, would you guys pay premium over CGC Pedigree over a NON CGC Pedigree.

For example, if an item is $150 CGC 9.8, would you pay $180 CGC 9.8 for a Pedigree?


CGC 9.6 Pedigree $175 VS CGC 9.8 NON-Pedigree $210.

Overall, I’m just wondering how the market looks at Pedigree, is there an premium?

Thanks Team.

I’m not sure there is enough data on pedigreed books to determine if their is a premium. :man_shrugging:

I’ve never owned a pedigree book so I’m not sure. Maybe if it were from the collection of someone really interesting?

Won’t matter to me. I would probably choose the cheaper one.