CGC Question

I have a question that maybe someone can answer for me. I got an email today from CGC stating what I got for one of my books they said they gave me a 9.2 cuz it has a crease at the bottom of the spine. My question is can I stop the grading process and have CGC press the book and re-grade it?

Usually you don’t get the grades unless you pull up “my submissions” and peak at what the results were. I’ve never heard of them posting grades with notes until it’s in shipping…

So how are you getting this information?

Either way, they have a process in which to follow and my guess is it’s at a point where it’s slabbed and possibly ready to be shipped out.

So you Maybe might be able to stop the shipment out and resubmit if you call them before it leaves the building, but you’ll be put back at the end of the line and pay the pressing and grading fees again.

To give you an idea on the TATs for a modern press and grade…my books were shipped out end of April, and almost 5 months later they’re heading back home to me.

From what it said on the email, it said that the grade was final but was not slabbed yet. That it would be slabbed tomorrow and then shipped out. I will call them tomorrow to see what’s up. It’s a SS series and I want it to be in the PC for a long time.

You can always call and ask. Their customer support is friendly. Might as well try, but since it is going to be pressed it would need to be re-graded after so I would expect a charge of some kind. I believe CGC offers discounts for re-grading slabbed books though, maybe you will qualify for that since your book was graded?

Thanks Rob. I’ll do that. Fingers crossed that they give me a discount.

I’ve been sending books in for years with a paid membership…never got an email informing me of a grade…just a bill. Interesting.